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Library Media Center

Library General Info

Diane Moreland, Librarian

Cheryl Dunlop, Library Assistant

Our goal: to provide books and media to supplement the school’s curriculum, and provide for student recreational reading.

Our LMC contains over 9,000 volumes; subscriptions to 25 magazines, and computers to access online educational resources.

A Library Science elective is offered to juniors or seniors who have completed most of their required classes. Students taking this elective should like to read, be self-motivated to work on their own when necessary, and have a cooperative attitude. Required assignments involve use of many standard reference sources, activities to become familiar with library organization and arrangement, review of software useful for information and evaluation of recommended online sources of information.

Library policies --- When can you come in?

  • Students may visit the library anytime during the day, with permission from their classroom teacher. (This assumes the library is not already full with scheduled classes.)
  • Students may also come to the library immediately before or after school, or during lunch, after clearing with the hallway duty teacher. Extended LMC access after school will be scheduled upon request when needed for research assignments.
  • Classes are frequently scheduled to do research in the library, especially when assignments require our resources.

Library policies --- Computer Use

The LMC computers are available to students for EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ONLY!!

If students are having trouble with their Google Drive account, the Librarian can help you.  One logon now will give you access to both Google drive and Illuminate. 

A classroom set of Chromebooks is available for teachers to reserve.  Students should logon to these with their Google drive account as well.  



Library policies --- Check Out

  • Most books are checked out for 2 weeks, and may be renewed once.
  • Must bring the book to renew it.
  • Books in demand for class assignments may be limited to overnight or library use only.
  • Reference books do not check out.
  • Magazines may be checked out for one week but must be kept in the manila envelope provided with checkout.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to take a date due slip when checking out a book.
  • When all students in a class check out the same title for class use, the book will be due in six weeks.

Library policies --- Overdues

  • Overdue fines are $.05 per day
  • Students with overdues may not check out another book until the overdue is cleared.
  • Students who have lost books will be required to pay the cost of the book  by the end of the term.
  • Students who have lost magazines will be required to pay $3.00 per magazine, regardless of the title.

Library policies --- Printing

  • Students may print for $.10 per page (black & white)
  • To print color pages, the charge is $.25 per page.  Only one computer is connected to the color printer; ask the librarian